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‘Make Argentina Great Again:’ Populist Javier Milei Becomes President, But Has Ties To World Economic Forum. Wants To Make US Dollar National Currency

by Jacob M. Thompson


In the words of InfoWars consultant Paul Joseph Watson: “And just like Trump, he is a TV celebrity turned political campaigner.”

Last week Javier Milei was elected as Argentina’s President, vowing to make a number of changes seen as bold and radical, as the country undergoes great economic turmoil. Milei, depending on who is reporting on him, is often referred to as a “far-right” or Libertarian candidate, as his vote was seen as a populist movement that was sick and tired of status quo. But many of Milei’s broader plans might have just been talk to get votes, as some have seen it, and has connections to the World Economic Forum which has caused concern and doubt for many others.

Argentina has been in the midst of an increasingly worsening economic situation. In March, the country’s inflation rate breached 100%, and by September it had surpassed above 140%. Current forecasts suggest their inflation will reach nearly 200% by early-2024.

With Argentinians fed up with the old guard, the wild and exotic Milei won the election on the premise of radically transforming the country for the better.

The build-up in the West for him really began over two months ago when Tucker Carlson interviewed him…

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