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Marsha Blackburn: ‘There Is a New Pandemic’ Called ‘Fauci Fatigue’


There is a new pandemic, and it is called “Fauci fatigue,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said on Tuesday following Dr. Anthony Fauci making waves by denying that he ever advocated for lockdowns.

“It seems absolutely impossible that we have Dr. Fauci back at it again,” Blackburn said in a video posted on Tuesday.

“And the revisionist history that is taking place is astounding — didn’t call for masks, didn’t call for lockdowns. I could go on and on,” Blackburn continued.

“But I think the larger point is this: There is a new pandemic. It is called Fauci fatigue, and the American people don’t want to hear any more of this contradictory advice from Dr. Fauci,” the Tennessee senator added…

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