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Massie Slams Fauci, CDC For Lying: Pfizer’s Own Data Prove the Deathjab Offers NO Protection to Those With Natural Immunity

By Timothy Shea

Rep. Thomas Massie jumped ugly on Fascist Fauci and the Centers for Democrat Control this afternoon, accusing them of “lying, fabricating, and obfuscating” about the Pfizer gene injections providing “significant benefits for those with prior infection, when Pfizer’s own trial data shows no such thing.”

Massie was retweeting a tweet thread from Dr Andrew Bostom that provided both the data and relevant links to the cited studies.

Bostom revealed that there have been “~23 mod to severe adverse events caused to prevent 1 mild C19 infection with Pfizer’s C19 vax.”

That’s a 23:1 ratio between adverse events (which can include death) per patient benefitted. These data should put an end to every mandate worldwide. Immediately.

Massie conclude his tweet stating that Fauci & CDC are “lying, fabricating, and obfuscating and if they were the ones selling this vaccine there would already be charges filed.”

Regardless whether Fauci and CDC are selling the injections themselves, they ARE profiting off their sale…handsomely. Government employees benefitting from their official duties is the very definition of a kleptocracy. Unfortunately, Rep. Massie, given our corrupt-to-the-core FBI/DOJ, filing charges would be futile.

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