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Massive Child Sacrifice site found in Peru

At least 227 slaughtered children have been found at the world’s largest child sacrifice site in Peru.

There are some very weird and terrifying archeological discoveries… And some are even more horrifying than your worst nightmare.

In what archaeologists are calling the largest child sacrifice burial site in the world, at least 227 boys and girls (aged 4 to 14) were found in a mass grave in Peru. Their remains were interred roughly 600 to 800 years ago, most probably during a massive ritual sacrifice.

According to researchers who have been excavating the site for more than a year, this find represents the single largest child burial site on Earth, and the bodies discovered so far may just be the tip of the proverbial blade.

“Wherever you dig, there’s another one,” said the site’s chief archeologist Feren Castillo. “READ MORE…”

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