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MASSIVE Microchip Shortages That WILL Affect You & Your Family

By raymondmho

In my recent articles and videos, I have been warning people to start establishing their own personal supply chains to ensure that their needs for goods are not disrupted.

One thing that I research is what is going on in the world and how it will affect us in the next 3 to 6 to 12 months.

AND… there are a LOT of things going on that WILL, in fact, disrupt the American family very shortly.

First and foremost, I have been warning about the day-to-day consumer goods that many in the preparedness arena do not even think about because these are things we use all the time without any thought.

I recently had the privilege to speak at several preparedness events, and I posed several questions in the classes I was giving and to people visiting my book table.

I was asking, “If we put harsh sanctions on China, what will the US do if they can no longer get their cheap Chinese stuff from Walmart, Dollar Tree, and the like?


Most people said that they would buy American.

Ok… that is a good answer.

I followed up with, “Do you know that 97% of our consumer goods are produced by just 11 mega-corporations? Do you know where they get most of their raw materials to produce these items?”

There would be a moment of thought, and most would answer back… China.

I would then ask, “If you can’t get those “American made” items because they are sourced from China, what will you do? Do you have a plan B?”

Roughly 80% of the folks had no plan B and needed to think about the need for one.

The Bigger Picture

Below is a chart of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine’s Major Exports to the world, and they are the world’s largest exporters.

The first column is the largest exports globally, the second column is the second largest globally, and so on.

That means that IF Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are NOT supplying these to the world, then the world is running out or not getting these materials and foods.

When these items disappear, and many are already gone, where will the world get these items?

The simple answer is that they will not.

Well, at least for the next 3-5 years. That is how long it will take for other countries to build the factories and infrastructure to grow, produce or manufacture these things.

Now, I want to focus on Neon and Platinum Group Metals and why they are so vital.

These two materials are the critical components needed to make high-end and medium-end semiconductor microchips.

You need neon to focus the aperture of the etching lasers in the semiconductor fab facilities.

That means no neon, no etching, no chips.

You need platinum, palladium, and rhodium because they are all core materials that help regulate electrons that make the chips work.

So no, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and chips do not work.

But the critical thing that I want to focus on is the neon because that is what is going to bring the world to a virtual crawl when it comes to high end electronics.

No Neon Brings The Electronic World To A Crawl

To capture neon, or how it is made, is a two-step process. First, you have an air separator unit that is often attached to a steel mill. Steel manufacturing uses a lot of oxygen and nitrogen. So this is a great place to get gases, less oxygen, and nitrogen.

Once the steel mills are done sucking out all the oxygen and nitrogen, they bottle up the rest of the gasses into a canister, and they are shipped off to a more advanced facility where they separate out all the trace gases like helium, argon, carbon dioxide, AND NEON.

Russia is also a rather large steel producer, so naturally, that is a great place to capture those gases.

Most of Russia’s steel mills are in southern Russia, and all these factories are under sanctions to the point that they are barely operating anymore.

So, no more gases are being separated.

The second phase of gas separation takes place in a city called Mariupol which is located in Ukraine, and the city basically does not exist anymore.

So those factories are gone… wiped off the map.

Mariupol Is Leveled

This means that the world has LITERALLY lost 70% of global neon due to this war…

WHICH means that we will have to figure out what we don’t need microchips for in about a year because they will not be around.

That means all the high-end microchips in your EV, our satellites, computers, and even our CELL PHONES will no longer be made.

AND… if these things are being made, the cost to attain a computer, cell phone, tablet, etc., is going to go through the roof because the semiconductor chips will be in massively high demand, and everyone and their brother is going to be wanting those high end to medium end chips.

By now, some of you are asking, “Well, where does the 30% of the world’s neon made?”

Guess … China…

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