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Master class: Fifth grade teacher calmly but savagely demolishes radical trans activists’ arguments

We’ve done a lot of stories — like, a lot — about so-called “educators” using their positions of authority in the classroom to indoctrinate children in the teachings of the Church of Wokeness. For a while, it was with Critical Race Theory (and CRT in K-12 classrooms is definitely still a huge problem). But these days, the LGBTQ+ stuff seems front and center. And there are a lot of woke teachers (and teachers’ unions, of course) who see their chief responsibility as being evangelists for the radical LGBTQ+ religion. Way too many woke teachers. And they’re the ones getting the most attention.

So it’s extremely refreshing and encouraging to meet a teacher who is willing to push back against the insanity. Especially when they do it with as much calmness and finesse as this guy:

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One Comment

  1. Swordslinger Swordslinger June 7, 2023

    Those who buy into this “pro-trans” nonsense are living in fantasy land.
    No matter how you mutilate your body and build your fantasy world, you are still the sex your were born with! Chromosomes don’t lie!

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