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Matt Walsh Talks To Megyn Kelly About ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary, Dark Origins Of Gender Ideology

By Katie Jerkovich

Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh talked to Megyn Kelly about his new documentary “What Is A Woman?” which premiered on The Daily Wire Wednesday, and about how parents can’t trust institutions like the medical community with kids anymore, as well as the dark origins of gender ideology.

During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcastWalsh spoke with Kelly about his new film, as well as what a “revelation” it was to see how “pervasive the confusion” is when it comes to answering a simple question regarding womanhood. The question is not only something that so-called experts in the medical community can’t answer, but even everyday people on the street are unable or unwilling to provide an answer.

“The institutions in this country that are conspiring, and that starts with the medical community,” The Daily Wire host said. “That’s another thing that comes through in the film. Not just the film, [you] mentioned the work Abigail Shrier has done as well. … The really terrifying thing, especially if you’re a parent, and especially of kids who are still living at home with you, you start to realize that there are these institutions you should be able to trust, and you really can’t.”…

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