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Medical System in China’s Hebei Province Is Collapsing: Doctor

By Kelly Song

China’s northeastern province of Hebei, where Beijing and Tianjin are located, is overwhelmed by an explosive increase of COVID infections. A physician surnamed Chen told The Epoch Times on Dec. 31 that the medical system was inundated with COVID patients and was on the brink of collapse.

‘Worse Than Wuhan’

Chen said that the situation in Hebei reminds her of the situation in Wuhan in 2020, and “it’s now worse than Wuhan.”

“Many doctors are infected and tested positive (with SARS-Cov-2 virus),” Chen said. “The outpatient and the emergency rooms are all filled with patients. Nurses and doctors are exhausted. There are also non-COVID patients who needed to be operated on. Many doctors [are] with fever but still had to perform the surgeries.”

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