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Mexico Says Trump Strategy is Working: Successfully Reduced Border Migrants by 56 Percent in Only 3 Months

Mexico’s Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard announced on Friday a successful 56 percent reduction in the number of migrants in the last three months.

In June, President Trump drove negotiations with Mexico aimed at stemming the tide of illegal immigration moving through the country to the southern border of the United States. That agreement gave Mexico three months to take necessary steps to significantly pare the numbers of undocumented migrants within 90 days or tariffs against the country would go into effect.

Five-percent tariffs were threatened by Trump, rising every month if Mexico failed to act, ultimately with import duties reaching 25 percent.

Ebrard, using data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), said that the number of migrants stopped in August was 63,989 in August, down from 146,266 in May.

Mexico has deployed at least 20,000 police officers and National Guard troops throughout the country to prevent illegal passage through its territories.

The Foreign Secretary will meet with U.S. officials in Washington on Tuesday to discuss progress on their efforts. “We’re showing that the strategy that Mexico put forward has been successful. I don’t expect there to be a tariff threat on Tuesday,” Ebrard said about the meeting.

“The Mexican strategy is working,” he said.

“It’s a direct result of the negotiations of this president and this administration specifically with our international partners,” said acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said last month. – READ MORE

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