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Miami Herald Frets About Permitless Carry While Ignoring Homicide Stats

By Cam Edwards

The anti-gun rhetoric from the editorial board of the Miami Herald is at stark odds with the reality of Florida’s new permitless carry law, which took effect back in July. In an editorial this week the paper’s editors cite a news story from their own pages to complain that the law is leading to more people carrying firearms without any kind of training.

Applications for concealed gun permits, optional as of July 1, have fallen by about 64%, compared to the same three months a year ago, the story notes. And so have applications for gun safety classes, an alarming development in a state where “Florida man” has already given us a top spot in any listing of the ridiculous or out-of-control.

While the number of new applications for carry permits may have declined, I’m less convinced about their contention that far fewer people are getting training. Yes, the paper’s reporters found some firearms instructors who say that participation in their classes have dwindled, but we’ve also seen recent reports that “introductory shooting classes are booked up months into the future” at the moment.

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