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Michelle Obama’s Changing Sexual Identity

by Joel Gilbert

In promoting my new film and accompanying book, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, I am asked one question far more often than any other. Is Michelle Obama a dude? In fact, it’s everywhere! Here is a sample of reader comments from Jack Cashill’s recent review of my film in WND:

Big Mike’s born-with XY chromosomes

Michelle Obama IS NOT A WOMAN but a Man in Drag

Blatantly obvious Trannie

A drag queen President? Are you kidding?

Michael LaVaugtin Robinson, he still has his man parts

In my research on Barack and Michelle Obama, an exercise the major media have avoided, I find myself having to deal with this rumor as well as those about Barack’s sexual orientation. In 2014, comedienne Joan Rivers fueled both rumors in responding to a TMZ reporter who innocently asked her whether the U.S. would ever elect a gay president.

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