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Migrants from ISIS hotbed skyrocket under Biden as terror org goes on recruitment spree: report

By Vivek Saxena 


Migrants from terror-linked Tajikistan have been showing up at the southern U.S. border left and right, according to reports.

Indeed, the number of illegal aliens from Tajikistan that have arrived at the border has “skyrocketed” ever since President Joe Biden, a rabid Democrat, assumed office in early 2021, according to the New York Post.

This is a major problem because Tajikistan is “a hotbed of ISIS recruitment.” Yet over 1,500 Tajiks made it across the border between October of 2020 and May of 2024 — 500 this year alone.

Now contrast this with past data: “Over the previous 14 years there were just 26 Tajik nationals crossing the border,” the Post notes.

What’s not clear is how many of the Tajiks who made it across the border were subsequently released into the U.S. interior, but it’s known that most aliens claim asylum and then wait for a hearing…


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