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Missouri Governor Mike Parson Signs Executive Order Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

By Christopher Burroughs

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) announced on Oct. 28 that he has issued an executive order to protect the individual rights of his state’s citizens against “overreaching” COVID-19 vaccine mandates from the Biden administration.

“As the Governor of the State of Missouri, I stand with concerned Missourians and will do all I can to stop federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates,” Parson said in a statement.

“When President Biden announced his initial plans to force unconstitutional vaccine mandates, we immediately began aligning state resources for legal action. While we hoped the Biden Administration would recognize these mandates as the abuse of authority that they are, they have not, and we must now use every tool we have available to fight this federal intrusion,” he said.

Parson argued that the federal government does not hold the authority to require that people receive a COVID-19 vaccine. He called the Biden administration’s attempt to do so a “power grab.”…


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