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Mo Brooks: Eric Swalwell Completely Compromised By CCP, Dems Too Unethical to Kick Him Off Intel Committee

By Elizabeth

Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks sounds off on Eric Swalwell, and how after being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party still sits in Congress and on the House intelligence committee.

“We should not have an individual serving in the U.S. Congress who has bedded a communist spy on the one hand, and then two refused to disclose it to the U.S Congress and the state of California,” Brooks told War Room, Tuesday.

“For he to be on the intelligence committee…Nancy Pelosi doing nothing about it, that’s just wrong,” he said.

Brooks said it’s now up to the people of California to elect someone better, because the unethical Democrat Party won’t do anything about it.

“They don’t care about individuals who have been compromised in the ranks who are dishonest and dishonorable,” Brooks said. “That’s just the way they operate.”


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