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Moms for Liberty Co-founder: Parents Are Tired of Funding Failure

By Bill Pan


During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents across the nation voiced their frustrations over widespread school closures and harsh mask policies imposed on their children. With classrooms reopened and masking mandates phased out, however, many parents remain frustrated by the schools’ misplaced focus.

Tiffany Justice, who co-founded parental rights advocacy group Moms for Liberty, told The Epoch Times that schools are failing to offer a quality education for which parents send their children to schools in the first place.

“We’d like children to learn to read in school, we’d like for schools focus on academic achievement,” said Justice, a Florida-based mother of four and former school board member. “Our children are behind in school, and we see absolutely no effort by school districts, teachers unions to address any of these deficits.”

“In fact, what we see is increased money going to efforts like DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), SEL (Social-Emotional Learning), or CRT (Critical Race Theory), instead of actually looking to improve academic achievement,” Justice said.



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