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Monitor: Islamic State Expanding ‘Global Presence in 2019’ Post-Caliphate Fall

The demise of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) caliphate in Iraq and Syria is reportedly pushing some members of the jihadi organization into countries with substantial Muslim populations.

ISIS members have established a footprint in India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Libya, the Hindustan Times (HT) reported on August 16.

The list of destination countries is gleaned from data published by Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) in June, a U.S.-based conflict monitoring and crisis mapping body.

ISIS jihadis have already established a substantial presence in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Libya, to name a few. South Asia is home “to some of the highest levels of IS activity outside Iraq and Syria, ACLED revealed in a report titled Branching Out: The Islamic State’s Continued Expansion. 

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  1. Ike Wynder Ike Wynder October 27, 2019

    Did you hear about Trump taking out Al-Baghdadi yesterday? I guess he was living in Syria. ISIS leaders got to go!

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