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Mother of Nashville Christian School Shooter Appeared to be Gun Control Advocate, Shooting Victims Identified




As WeLoveTrump reported Monday, three children and three adults were killed after 28-year-old Audrey Hale opened fired inside the Covenant Presbyterian School in Nashville, Tennessee.

Police Chief John Drake told local news outlets “Hale does identify as transgender.”

Hale also reportedly had a manifesto written.

Authorities believe the transgender shooter previously attended the Christian school.





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One Comment

  1. Doug Hegre Doug Hegre March 28, 2023

    Rather than concentrating on the number of “guns that have killed people”, why not on the number of people that have “killed people”. Nothing against controls on who should be allowed to own a gun based on mental health and such but banning me from owning or carrying a gun in a responsible manner is going to far. These people that use a gun to kill would do it with an old 30.06 or pistol. Even a knife or even a rock. That is in their DNA. Giving op our weapons in this day and age is nothing shy of criminal let alone dangerous. A country without defense is a country waiting to be controlled. The World is Watching.

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