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MUST SEE: Kari Lake DESTROYS Nasty Trump Hating Trolls From Showtime’s The Circus Who Swear at Her for Final Episode of Canceled Show – “Answer The F*cking Question!” (FULL INTERVIEW)

By Jordan Conradson


US Senate candidate and GOP celebrity Kari Lake was recently ambushed by two vulgar political hacks who regularly troll conservatives on the campaign trail and at political events.

“Answer the f*cking question!” demanded John Heilemann of Showtime’s The Circus. Tim Miller is then seen in the next cut, seemingly trying to push a narrative that Kari Lake is vying for Trump’s favor and VP choice.

Kari Lake recently announced her 2024 bid for the US Senate. It would appear from personal conversations and her demeanor that being Trump’s VP preference is the last thing on her mind.

Here is a little bit about these two leftwing tools…


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