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MUST WATCH: Kid Handles Abduction Attempt Like A Champ! (VIDEO)

by Wes Walker


Great job, dad. He taught his son how to keep his head in a crisis and when that moment of truth came, the ten-year-old boy was ready.

As the news report explains, Sammy, who is ten, was on his way home from school when a woman claiming to have been sent by family members started following him and attempted to lure him with the promise of buying him whatever he wants from a Wawas convenience store.

The ‘stranger danger’ conversations he had with his dad prepared him for a situation like this one and he thought on his feet, ducking into a store he was familiar with and approaching the clerk.

He whispered to the 17 yo clerk that he wanted her to ‘act like his mom’ because a woman was following him. The young clerk handled the situation like a pro.



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