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Myocarditis from COVID vs. Vaccine and Q & A 44 on America Out Loud PULSE

by Dr. Peter McCullough 


The public has been confused with messaging from academia concerning myocarditis. During 2020 there was a focus on heart inflammation with respiratory illness, with large studies attempting to “find” cases. For example, the Big Ten college athletic league had an exhaustive program offered to >9600 students measuring cardiac troponin, and doing additional studies, including MRI in the 30% of athletes who contracted the respiratory illness. After finding just a handful of suspected cases in thousands of studies and no hospitalizations and deaths, the program closed just before the students were encouraged, and some were later mandated to undergo COVID-19 vaccination, which has an FDA warning indicating the vaccines cause myocarditis.

It was a tragedy to close a costly screening program just before the REAL CAUSE of myocarditis was introduced into the colleges. Joy et al. performed a detailed prospective cohort study with troponin and multimodality cardiac imaging in healthcare workers who contracted COVID-19, and no evidence of heart damage was found. Yet, messaging persisted in the medical community that “COVID-19 causes more myocarditis than the vaccines.”

In this episode of America Out Loud PULSE, we’ll discuss the messaging in the medical community that “COVID-19 causes more myocarditis than the vaccines.” Also, getting back to answering your questions, here are a few examples:

Elizabeth – Most of our family have NOT been vaccinated! We did experience Covid 19 in December 2021. Our son came through it pretty well, but just this past week he started to feel not right. He had an inside pressure feeling on the left side of his chest and a headache and he was tired, then started having diarrhea on Friday morning with a chest pressure continuing. His Troponin levels were highly elevated. They thought he may have had a heart attack, he is only 35 years old and in very good physical shape. His EKG came back normal. And his echocardiogram looked good. He was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon. They are scheduling him for an MRI. They are thinking the coronavirus may have been dormant for the past eight months but now could be causing myocarditis. Do any of the podcast deal specifically with myocarditis and what to do after having Covid but NOT having the vaccine. I found an article on a gov website that said you’re 11 times more likely to get myocarditis after having Covid compared to having the vaccine – is that true?



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