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Nancy Pelosi launches formal impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump amid reports he withheld aid money from Ukraine – as he brands the move ‘more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage’ and accuses the Dems of ‘presidential harassment’

  • Speaker Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, bringing every House committee probe under one umbrella
  • She dropped her resistance to impeachment after an unseen whistle-blower complaint accused Trump of badgering Ukraine’s president to probe Joe Biden
  • Dam broke after Biden said it is time to impeach Trump if he continues to stonewall congressional investigations
  • A growing numbers of Democratic House members publicly back impeachment – including ‘House conscience’ and civil rights leader John Lewis
  • Trump admits he ordered his staff to freeze almost $400 million in military aid to Ukraine but claims he did nothing improper
  • The directive came just days before his July phone call with Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky
  • A whistle-blower reportedly alleges the conversation involved Trump pressuring Zelesnky to probe Biden and his son Hunter
  • Trump has denied this, claiming he spoke about corruption and keeping foreign corruption, including from U.S. citizens, out of Ukraine 
  • He also asserts the aid freeze has nothing to do with a potential procurement of damaging information to Biden  
  • Pelosi addressed her caucus Tuesday afternoon before announcing the impeachment probe in a speech
  • House Intel chair Adam Schiff says a whistle-blower wants to testify in Congress 


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