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Narcissists, Artificial Intelligence, Movies, Dreams, The After Life – Are Narcissists and Psychopaths Human Souls?

By Entity Art

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

To understand this New World Order agenda, and the people behind it, it is very useful to learn about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Those of us who are knowledgeable know that psychopaths and narcissists run our nations, and the world. However, from many Truthers you will hear – ‘This world is run by psychopaths’, without mentioning narcissists. Narcissists are more common and play a very significant role in the control and subversion of humanity – perhaps a greater role. The world is ruled by a network of narcissists and psychopaths.

(Note: Sociopaths obviously have a good deal in common with both narcissists and psychopaths – for example, they also lack empathy, love and remorse. People with Borderline Personality Disorder also have some similarities – they have great difficulty in dealing with and understanding emotions – and they, like the narcissists and psychopaths, have an identity disturbance / an unstable sense of self. But these two ‘disorders’ are not the focus of this post)

At the very least my aim is to help people become conscious that there are people all around them without empathy – so that people are assessing individuals – and not just assessing what they say to you, but watching their mannerisms / subtleties, and how they treat others when no one else is watching. Most people are very naïve and do not realise how prevalent narcissists are – as many narcissists are covert narcissists. Narcissists can also mimic human empathy and love – but if you’re conscious you can see, and feel, that there is no warmth or authenticity behind their words and actions… You have to be identifying these people with NPD, and learn how to not be subverted by them. But I am also going to go much deeper in this post and will consider the wider implications and the metaphysics related to this topic.

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