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NASA Plane Flights The Last Six Weeks Over Molten Carbon Pools In The Western US Solved, And It’s No ‘Conspiracy Theory’

We’ve seen the pattern repeated over and over again over the past several years.

An indepedent news outlet will hit upon a story that cuts a little bit too close to the truth and immediately, the mainstream media lines up several ‘hit piece‘ stories soon after, attempting to ‘debunk‘ the independent news outlet’s story, while often attempting to vilify the ‘truth tellers‘ as ‘conspiratorial nuts‘.

So we’re not the least bit surprised this has happened once again though we didn’t expect it to happen to us as just over a week after we put out this story titled “What Do NASA And The US Govt Know That We Don’t Know? NASA Aircraft Scanning San Andreas And Idaho Volcanoes Hint The ‘Big One’ Is Coming But Cascadia Would Be ‘The Monster’ – ‘The Govt Is Aware Of The Real Threat But Keeps The People In The Dark Lest They Panic The Herd’“, the mainstream media has piled on.

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