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National Association for Gun Rights Publishes Statement Concerning Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing On Gun Violence

By Jose Nino  


On November 28, 2023, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing that talked about gun control and deemed gun violence a public health epidemic.

In a press release that NAGR published, it noted several of the topics covered at the hearing:

*** “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws; allowing government agents to enter homes seizing firearms with no due process or even a crime being committed.

*** Universal Gun Registration; making private firearm sales between neighbors and close friends illegal unless a federal background check is completed, forcing all gun owners to be processed through the NICS database.

*** Mandatory Storage Laws; forcing gun owners to have their guns locked up at all times, limiting the response time of gun owners to defend themselves in their own homes

*** Sweeping bans on so-called “Assault Weapons”; outlawing semi-automatic firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans

“Senate Democrats continue to try to blame the violent crime epidemic in Democrat controlled cities on law-abiding gun owners,” declared NAGR President Dudley Brown. “Instead of taking responsibility for ‘soft on crime’ DAs releasing dangerous criminals and making stealing legal.”

NAGR had been gathering petitions to deliver to Congress calling on Senators and Representatives to oppose all gun control measures that arrive in Congress. A list of the gun control bills being discussed in Congress can be found here

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