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NBC’s Todd Asks: Does GOP Need to Lose More Before Caving on Abortion?

By Kevin Tober

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, anchor Chuck Todd proved once again why he’s not a respected journalist and should be considered nothing more than a Democrat Party hack. During an interview with liberal South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, Todd asked her what it will take for conservatives to abandon their beliefs in life and surrender to the abortionists. At one point Todd asked if they need to lose a few more elections until they submit.

After a long rant from Mace about how she’s sought to find a “middle ground” with the abortion-loving left and how conservatives should do the same in order to win elections, Todd responded that he hears “where you’re trying to go and I hear what you’re trying to do, fortunately, you’ve got folks who see it as a morality issue or as a personal freedom issue, and so compromising either your morals or your freedoms is very difficult to do.”

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