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NC Governor Copper VETOES ‘Guarantee 2nd Amendment Freedom & Protections Bill’ – Take Action

By Paul Valone

North Carolina – On Friday, Governor Roy Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 41 to repeal our Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permit law and to facilitate parishioners in defending churches against violent sociopaths. It now becomes our responsibility to override that veto. We need your help!

Senate Bill 41, returned by Cooper to the legislature, will first go to the Senate, where Republicans hold the necessary 6/10 to override the veto. Next, the bill goes to the House, where Republicans lack just one vote for the needed supermajority.

The good news is that in the House, three Democrats – Reps. Marvin Lucas (Cumberland), Shelly Willingham (Bertie, Edgecombe, Martin), and Michael Wray (Halifax, Northampton, Warren) – voted for final passage of SB 41.

The question becomes whether politicians, under considerable pressure from the most anti-freedom NC governor since the defeat of the British, will buckle and vote against us on the override vote. That will depend in large part on you.

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