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I have believed Nelson Mandela to be a Freemason for many a year but there has not been any proof until now.  DTW has written the following articles on Nelson Mandela where he stated at a function that Maitreya (the Christ) visited him when he was still in prison on Robben Island – see article here:  Mandela, Maitreya and a Rainbow Nation.  Then see article where he is quite happy to be compared to Jesus Christ in a Last Supper painting: Mandela as Jesus Christ, and here again where the ANC compares Madiba to Jesus Christ:  “Stop Comparing Mandela to Jesus”  or  where they liken him to Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt – a comparison to leading the blacks out of Apartheid here:  ANC likens Madiba to Moses.

But was Nelson Mandela a Freemason?  He was part of The Elders setup by Richard Branson (freemason) and Peter Gabriel (freemason), see here:  The Elders and the New World Order

Nelson Mandela and Freemason hand signs.

Freemasons are known to give hand signals when they are taking photos or greeting others to let other Freemasons know that they are one of them.  This picture was taken from Modern Maturity Magazine in 2004.  An entire page was dedicated to this photo of Nelson Mandela.  The magazine is published by AARP who is run by radical leftists.  Mandela joyfully shows his hands in the position of a double V, this is based on the Hebrew letter ‘shin,’ and supposedly invokes Kabbalistic magic.  It is reported that Mandela became a Freemason in 1994.  The Rothchilds and the Oppenheimers (all Freemasons running the scenes to establish a New World Order along with other so called Black Nobility families) who were the orgistrators of the fall of Apartheid and are the ones who still actually run what goes on behind the scene in South Africa today – so there is a ‘third force’ if you want to call it that who is controlling what happens to this country.

Nelson Mandela freemason Shin V handsignal
Freemason Kaballah Shin V

Below you will find pictures of Nelson Mandela who was knighted into the Order of St John, as a Knight of Malta.

Nelson Mandela and The Knights of Malta.

NElson Mandeal - Knight of Malta
Nelson Mandeal – Order of St John stamp

The Nights of Malta is a Freemason Order for anyone of notability; from politicians right down to our so called Christian clergy.  See article here of Apostle Rick Joyner from Morningstar ministires who is happy to flash about his Masonic Knight of Malta robes.”…There are now two bodies-one Catholic and the other Protestant, but each repudiates the other…”

“The degree of Knights of Malta is conferred in the United States as “an appendant Order” in a Commandery of Knights Templar. There is a ritual attached to the degree, but very few are in possession of it, and it is generally communicated after the candidate has been created a Knights Templar…”  [1]

Nelson Mandela was not the only one from South Africa who was knighted – Freemason, Thabo Mbeki too was knighted.

Thobo Mkeki - Knight of Malta

But who would have guessed that Desmond Tutu was a Freemason as well?Desmond Tutu is also part of The Elders.

Nelson Mandeal - Desmond Tutu - Knight of Malta

And now we know – solid proof that Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and our ever more famous Archbishop Desmond Tutu are Freemasons who worship LUCIFER as their god.


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