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New Study Finds THOUSANDS Of Fraudulent Registrations Requesting Ballots On NY State Voter Rolls

By Cullen McCue

A new, peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) confirmed a “loss of control” in New York’s voter database. The study, which was the result of an audit of voter rolls, found that there are “hundreds of thousands of illegally generated registrations in the official NYXBOE voter rolls,” according to a report from UncoverDC.

Marly Hornik, the Executive Director of the NY Citizens Audit and Andrew Paquette, Ph.D., Director of Research assembled roughly 2,000 volunteers for the effort from across the state in July 2021. Paquette submitted a paper to the JIW summarizing the findings from the NY Citizens Audit, but it was rejected the first time for “political reasons,” according to Paquette.

Paquette’s paper was eventually reviewed by three peer experts from the JIW who confirmed his analysis was correct with only “minor corrections,” Hornik said.

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