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New Text Message Destroys Joe Biden’s Defense in Influence-Peddling Scandal



We’re all aware of how the narrative of Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings has changed. For years, we were told that “Joe Biden never spoke with Hunter Biden about his business,” or that “Joe Biden never spoke with Hunter Biden’s business partners,” and even that “Joe Biden had no knowledge of his son’s business.” The message was clear; there was a big wall separating Joe Biden from his son’s businesses. Except that there wasn’t.

A new text message released by the House Oversight Committee shows Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden explaining to Hunter Biden that he needed the “usual” help from Joe Biden to make a foreign business deal work.

“This can work, you need a safe harbor. I can work with you [sic] father alone!!” Jim’s message from December 2018 reads. “We as usual just need several months of his help for this to work. Let’s talk about it. It makes perfect sense to me. This is difficult to fully vet without talking…


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