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New York Students Required Read to Rep. John Lewis’s Racially-Provocative Graphic Novel

A middle school in Western New York is under fire for an assignment in the eighth-grade English language arts (ELA) class. Moravia Middle School eighth graders were assigned the graphic novel March, written by Democrat Congressman John Lewis. The book is part of a graphic novel series that Lewis wrote about his experience in the civil rights movement. Unfortunately, the book contains offensive racial slurs and bad language that some parents find unacceptable for their children.

Daniel Walters has a student in the class taught by John Cronin. “I asked to meet with John Cronin and I wanted to have a conversation about the book with him,” Walters told PJ Media. “I wanted some substance as to what the conversation with the eighth-grade class would be [relating to] the content of the book.” Walters checked the New York curriculum guide and did not find the book there. “I was curious as to why the book was not included with [New York State] ELA Engage, New York curriculum, or why it was not included in the ‘Program of Studies guides,'” said Walters. “We as a nation all agree that the language in that book is offensive and it is wrong to introduce to an eighth-grade class. The school and John [Cronin] should have given parents notice about the scheduled book, this graphic novel.”


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