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News Stories And Articles April 29th 2019



Manhunt on for gunman who shot one person dead and left seven injured when he opened fire at a cookout near a Baltimore church


One Dead In Passover Synagogue Shooting; Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Shot Back At 19-Year-Old Suspect


Synagogue Shooter Also Under Investigation For Attempted Mosque Arson


Washington Has Destroyed Western Liberty By Paul Craig Roberts
The Era of Tyranny Has Begun


Illegal African Gold Makes It Way To UAE


GOP warning about socialism not resonating with many voters


Suspected UAE spy with possible ties to Khashoggi case found dead in Turkish prison


All You Need To Know About The US Measles Outbreak


The measles outbreak is a massive false flag; nearly all outbreaks are caused by infected migrants, not American children


Former US Sen. Richard Lugar, foreign policy expert, dies


Gun-Grabber Eric Swalwell Suggests Trump to Blame for California Synagogue Attack


Trade-Deal Narrative Shattered: White House Again Threatens To Walk Away From The Table


Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Religious Freedom at Public Universities


POTUS Trump planning massive counterstrike against Deep State coup conspirators as “indictments” said to be looming


MoveOn Endorses Rep. Rashida Tlaib for Re-Election in 2020


Iran Appeals Directly To Trump: Your Advisers Dragging You Into War

Disqus Commenting Joins The Censorship Fray By Attacking Independent Media Readers By Suppressing Their Ability To Interact In Comment Sections


Annihilation of Christian Life and People: Where is the Outrage in the West?


Pope Francis Sends Money to Support Migrant Caravans Trying to Enter U.S.


Spanish Election Ends With Hung Parliament, Forming New Government “Could Prove Challenging”


Did the Russians Really Interfere in Our Elections?


NASA gameplans massive asteroid strike


New Zealander Faces 14 Years After Pleading Guilty To Sharing Mosque Shooting Video


Turkey indicts third US Consulate worker in Istanbul on terrorism charges




Anti-Semitism Is Rapidly Rising All Over The World, And We Must Fight It Wherever It Is Found by Michael Snyder


Father, Brothers Of Sri Lankan Suicide Bombings Mastermind Killed By Police


HYBRID THEORY Oxford University professor claims aliens are already breeding with humans on earth


20 Indian students commit suicide after exam results


AOC May Have Broken Federal Law After Shadily Disguising Fundraiser as 5K Run


Russia “Open” To Exploring New Arms Control Treaty With US


Burkina Faso church attack: At least five killed including priest


Dark Money Leftist Group Runs Facebook Ads Targeting Kavanaugh


AG Barr to Nadler, House Dems: ‘I’m NOT talking to your staff attorneys’ regarding Mueller redactions


VIDEO: Antifa Mob Violently Attacks Independent Journalist At Huntington Beach March


Bernie screwed again? Looks like GOOGLE is already all-in for Democrat ‘establishment pick’ Gropin’ Joe Biden


Obama Slams Trump’s “Opinions And Biases” During Dinner Honoring Nelson Mandela


ISIS cells plotting ’enemy strikes’ after Sri Lanka attack: US ‘Number 1’ target


Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast By Michael Snyder


Boeing Didn’t Tell Southwest Or FAA That It Had Disabled Critical Safety Alerts On 737 MAX


How New Yorkers are making bank ratting out idling drivers


Social Security fund to go into the red in 2020; will be completely bankrupt by 2035… governments will desperately find a way to kill off populations around the world


Bart Chilton Dead At 58 After A “Sudden Illness”




Ukraine Tapped By Obama Admin To Hurt Trump, Help Clinton And Protect Bidens


Holder Fears SCOTUS Will Allow Trump to ‘Weaponize’ Census w/ Citizenship Question


COMPLETE BS: Jared Kushner Explains How Mueller’s Junk Report of Russian Facebook Influence Was Deep State Garbage


Tit for Tat? Why Did Mueller Let Trump Off the Hook?


Orwell Goes Retail: Stores Now Track Where You Shop… And Sleep


Court Ruling Confirms Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Kills People – Did Anyone Even Notice?


Canadian Writer: Tommy Robinson Voters ‘Should Be Arrested’


BREAKOUT! Almost 200,000 ‘never-before-seen’ viruses including some dangerous to HUMANS are discovered lurking in the ocean


Chinese Families Paid Massive Sums In College Admissions Scandal


Over 1000 Quarantined As Measles Spreads Across LA Universities


‘They have to get the shots’: Trump, once a vaccine skeptic, changes his tune amid measles outbreaks


Finally: Democrat admits that impeaching Trump, NOT legislating, is his party’s sole purpose


The most catastrophic West Coast earthquake in human history is ready to be unleashed: “Cascadia subduction zone”


California University Dumps ‘Offensive’ Mascot


California Demands Restaurants Charge Customers 1% ‘Climate Change’ Fee


Amazon investigates after anti-vaxxer leaflet found hidden in children’s book


Illegal Alien Accused of Murder Was Ordered Deported, But Released


Top senator: Mexico controls the border, ‘we’re the chumps’ by Paul Bedard


Schiff Walks Back Trump Impeachment Plans: “Vote His Ass Out Of Office”


Whale with harness could be Russian weapon, say Norwegian experts


Supreme Court rejects ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio challenge to criminal prosecutor appointment


WikiLeaks Cites Evidence US Seeking Capital Offense Case Against Assange


Trump: Gov. Cuomo Is Trying to ‘Destroy’ the NRA


Yellow Vests Ignore Macron’s ‘Olive Branch’ As Protests Resume Across France


The latest in technology – and health dangers – coming to a city near you: 5G is on the way


The Dark Ages Cometh If America Falls by L Todd Wood


Brennan Slams Trump’s “Sociopathic Ramblings” That Mueller Probe Was CIA-Backed Coup


Nearly 300 ballot counters have died of exhaustion following the world’s biggest election


Obama-Biden Scandal Series Part I: Fast and Furious (Video)


New Mexico county to block Democratic governor from releasing migrants in its backyard


Trump Is Not Doing Anything On Censorship by L Todd Wood


A Federal Judge and a bizarre view of Justice for an American ISIS terrorist


Russian hackers were ‘in a position’ to alter Florida county voting records: Marco Rubio


New Revelation: The Corruption Is Leading Right Back To The ‘Scandal-Free’ Obama White House


Adoption Agencies Can’t Be Christian Anymore in Michigan

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