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News Stories And Articles August 23rd 2019





News Stories And Articles August 23nd 2019


Here Are 5 Things Trump Has Fulfilled from the Wish Lists of Christian Voters


Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun


Pre-Crime Hysteria Sweeps the Nation as Dozens are Arrested for Making Internet and Social Media ‘Threats’


Feds charge illegal alien fake breastfeeding mother with identity theft of an American by Daniel Horowitz


Iran Kicks Off ‘Massive’ War Games, Unveils Homemade Russian Missile System


We Must Say No to the 1619 Project in Schools


BREAKING: CPS whistleblower Kathy Hall Appears To Be Missing.


Update: Court Gives Judicial Watch Additional Discovery and Witnesses on Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


Hasbro Has a New ‘Monopoly: Socialism’ Game and Socialists Are Not Happy


Comey FBI Willfully Ignored “Highly Classified” Hillary Clinton Emails; Barr Radio Silent


Patrick Byrne Describes Maria Butina as a Walking FISA Virus – Also Names: Peter Strzok, Bill Priestap, John Carlin, Andrew McCabe and James Comey…


Former Pro-Trump CNN Commentator: I’m The Victim Of A High-Tech Lynching. Now He’s Suing For $10-Million In Damages


No, it’s not a mandate to wreck America.


YouTube blocks PragerU Ten Commandments videos, restricts to ‘mature audiences’


Is Trump’s Call For Putin To Rejoin The G7 Folly Or Foresight?


‘Color Revolution’ Comes Home?
Democrats target Trump with regime-change tactics


Facebook censorship blocking conservative thought from the national dialogue


GOOD: Trump Administration Considers Letting States and Localities Reject Third-World Refugees


Insouciant white people have no awareness of the extent of their demonization by Paul Craig Roberts


Socialism Is Theft—Why Are Candidates Espousing It?


Is Gen Z a Socialist Revolution in the Making?


Senators Question Traffic Safety Agency About Cyber Dangers Posed by Internet-Connected Cars


Decades of Intensifying Left-Wing Influence on High School Students


Rick Gates Testifies Against Obama’s White House Counsel Greg Craig – And Throws Tony Podesta Under the Bus!




The ‘It’s Easier To Buy A Gun Than Cold Medicine’ Crowd Just Got Slapped With Reality


From the French Revolution to Antifa in America : A thug is a thug is a thug


Obamas Strike Blow for Economic Justice, Donate Millions in Exchange for Massive Beachfront Estate


Father Gives Horrifying Testimony of the Public School Brainwashing of His Autistic Daughter into Transgenderism


Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Quits As ‘Deep State’ Remarks Cause Uproar


Is The NY Times Preparing Us for a Camp of the Saints Experience? by Paul Craig Roberts


Ex-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne says he got ‘fishy’ orders from Peter Strzok; former acting AG unsure of claims


Facebook bans ads from the Epoch Times


Preparations Quietly Made to Screen for Ebola at US Airports by Patrick Howley


Trump Immigration Director Ken Cuccinelli Blames Paul Ryan for Blocking GOP Immigration Plan So He Could Push Amnesty (VIDEO)


‘Cannibal killer’, 38, who ‘butchered and ATE parts of his ex-girlfriend’s brain, heart and lung’ after she dumped him goes on trial for murder


State Sen. Lauren Book receiving threats after calling for Epstein investigation, spokesperson says


Why Did Bill Gates Fly On Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ After Pedophile’s Prison Stint?




The Long Trail Of Dead Bodies & False Flags That Follow Around Bill & Hillary Clinton & The Globalists Wherever They Go Point To Unimaginable Corruption And Gargantuan Cover-ups


Pro-Transgender Book, Recommended to Teens, Normalizes Sex Acts with 6-Year-Old Children


Ocasio-Cortez Claims Electoral College a Racist Scam to Benefit Middle America


The Plot To Rig An Election And Destroy A Presidency – Part 1


Protesters Demanding Impeachment Crash Nancy Pelosi Award Ceremony in San Francisco


Illegals Crime Report: Wheels Of Justice Turn Slowly


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Has Gone Twitter Absent… And The Internet Thinks It Knows Why


Manufacturing Mass Fascism Hysteria


Special Forces Launch War Drill In 21 North Carolina Counties Next Week


Pakistan predicts Indian ‘false flag’ attack that triggers face-off with ‘nuclear-armed countries’


What Globalism Did Was To Transfer The US Economy To China by Paul Craig Roberts


Could We Be Wrong About Where “The Big One” Will Strike? Earthquakes Are Occurring in Areas We NEVER Expected by Dagny Taggart


South Carolina Representative Puts Lindsey Graham on Notice for His Attempts to Betray Gun Owners


Vermont Is Going Insane. Will the Rest of America Follow?


Iraq Claims ‘Proof’ Israel Hit Paramilitary Base In Rare Attack


Trump Official Announces Bad News For Over 100 Countries Mooching Off America


Federal Court Grants Hillary’s Motion to Intervene


‘Every Day Brings Fresh Horror Stories From A Black Mirror Hellscape’ In America’s Liberal Run States And Cities Where Homeless Veterans Survive By Eating The Trash Of Billionaires


Greek Prime Minister on FRANCE 24: Iranian oil tanker ‘not headed for Greece’


University of Kentucky Apologizes for Staff Mocking, Slow-Walking Application for Conservative Club


Rashida Tlaib Would Have Had to Pay Own Way to Visit Grandma


Wikipedia Has ICE Facilities Listed Under ‘Concentration And Internment Camps’ Section


I am combing through all the Epstein files. You asked for it. Here it is. PART 2 – The next 300+ page breakdown.


WATCH: Parents boo as Christian street preacher confronts drag queen at story time


Japan Is Taking on China in Africa


Abortionist Fined $10,000 For Doing Surgical Abortion on the Wrong Woman


TRIGGERED: Anti-Socialist Parody of ‘Monopoly’ Board Game Enrages Leftist History Professor

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