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News Stories And Articles August 30th 2019




UPDATE: Tommy Robinson “in good spirits” despite “football ban” court date | Jessica Swietoniowski


Receipt for Sex Slave Books Found in Epstein’s Trash Authenticated by Now Dead Palm Beach Police Detective


Day 140: All Is Quiet Since The Arrest Of Julian Assange, Except For His Supporters


Iranian Tanker Makes Drastic Course Reversal As It Entered Turkish Waters




Stephen Bannon on Huawei and the Communist China Threat


The Kids Aren’t Alright by John C. Velisek USN Ret


Children of US Troops Born Overseas No Longer Eligible for Automatic Citizenship


America’s Well-hidden Iatrogenic Epidemic of Drug- and Vaccine-induced Disorders by Gary G. Kohls, MD


Texas Girl’s Inoperable Brain Tumor ‘Miraculously’ Disappears, Doctors Can’t Explain Why


Tennessee: Trump-Hating ISIS Admirer Threatens to ‘Blow Someone’s Brains Out’ at State Capitol by Robert Spencer


Man Spends Three Months In Jail Because A Drug Dog And A Field Test Said His Honey Was Methamphetamines


Elites “Going Rogue” Suggests The Global Neoliberal Architecture Is Collapsing


Trust Us – We Work For The Government


Jeffrey Epstein Was Just Another Stooge For The Elite


DOJ watchdog says Comey violated FBI policies


As America-Hating Democrats Make Their Final Descent Into Evil Madness, Totally Out In The Open Revealing Their True Communist Selves, Americans Better Be Prepared For What’s To Come!
Americans Are Arming Up To Defend Their Families As Democrats Retrace The Third Reich!


The Hidden History Of The CIA Black Ops In The Caribbean & The JFK Assassination


Florida Declares State Of Emergency As Hurricane Dorian Set To Ruin Labor Day Weekend


Everyone Wants to Win and Nobody Likes Being Wrong


Ignatiev Remarks: A Correction? by Paul Craig Roberts


A sixth illegal alien was just arrested in Montgomery County, Md. for child molestation


False Flag Terror


The CIA’s Dark Prince Doesn’t Want War With Iran


FLASHBACK: Austin Antifa Group Calls for the Creation of a Red Army to Annihilate Conservatives


Argentina Is Officially In Default Again: S&P Downgrades Credit Rating To SD


Since When did it Become Un-American to be Patriotic?


Clues That China’s “Garrison Rotation” In Hong Kong Is Preparation For Mainland Invasion


Starting Sunday, guns can be confiscated via new ‘red flag’ law in NJ


Iran Space Launch Ends In Explosion, Satellite Photos Reveal


Is The Fed Trying To Sabotage Trump’s Re-Election?


Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis Throws President Trump to the Wolves in New Book


Inside Amazon And Silicon Valley’s JEDI Mind Trick On The Pentagon


FBI Had Foreknowledge Of El Paso Shooter’s Murderous Plan – Did Nothing


“Look At The Ass On Her!”: New Biography Exposes Michael Bloomberg’s History Of Sexist Comments, Dirty Jokes


Taxpayer $$$ in San Francisco Funds Screening of Movie “Why Don’t We Murder More White People?”


Washington Re-Escalates Probe Into Huawei IP Theft, Hiring Practices


How Google plans to steal the 2020 election away from President Trump and hand it to the Democratic nominee, whoever it is


Jim Jordan responds to report showing Comey violated Trump’s civil liberties


Big Tech Caves to CAIR, Removes Crowdsourcing Profile of Ilhan Omar Whistle-Blower
GoFundMe has removed John Guandolo’s crowd-sourcing account.


The President has been effectively locking down the border and sending criminals back home


How Can It Be That US Intel Agencies FAILED To Pick Up On Russia-Gate & Epstein-Gate, The Biggest Scandals To Date? More Than Meets The (Surveillance) Eye


Today’s kids don’t know how good they have it


An Astounding Comeback

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