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News Stories And Articles June 15th 2020




Dear Dad, You Were Right!
Donald Trump, victim of constant media abuse and criticism, could be our very last chance at some much-needed GRACE


Class, Not Race, Divides America by Victor Davis Hanson


1st reparations bill passes the assembly to atone for slavery


Boston’s fight against Christian flag moves to appeals court


American Sentenced to 16 Years in Russia on Spying Charges


Lankford: It’s Time to Remove Confederate Generals Names from Military Bases


‘Social Distancing Will Damage Our Children’


Patent shows how your nervous system can be manipulated through your TV or computer screen


An Insight into How Globalists Think Courtesy of the Trilateral Commission


Tucker Carlson: ‘We Were All Played’ — ‘Corrupt Politicians’ Used a Public Health Emergency to Subvert Democracy (VIDEO)


The State Of Texas Delivers A ‘Simple’ Message To Rioters Thinking About Trashing The Alamo


COLLAPSE of Democrat-run cities now imminent as TRUCKERS say they will refuse delivering to cities with de-funded police


How about a Blue Flu response to all those police defunding calls?


The Floyd Riots Mark a Century of Communist Agitation


Medical Examiner Declares Rayshard Brooks’ Death a Homicide


White Woman Filmed Setting Fire To Atlanta Wendy’s After Latest Police Killing


Armed Patriots in Kentucky Declare ‘This is Our Battle Line’ as They Defend Confederate Statue From Mob


The Monument-Destroying Mobs Don’t Hate The Confederacy, They Hate America


Pro-CHAZ Democrat Seattle Mayor Working Closely With Terror-Tied CAIR


Republic Of CHAZ Begins Reparations; White Participants Pressured To Give Blacks $10 Each


Former Police Chief: Defunding Police Not Wise Idea For Black Communities


Man arrested for vandalizing Christopher Columbus statue — He is a social studies teacher


An Eye-Witness’s Shocking Account of What’s REALLY Happening During the Seattle Riots by Daisy Luther


Judge Orders Seattle PD to Stop Using Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, & Flash Bangs


Leftist Protesters Topple Thomas Jefferson Statue In Portland


WATCH: Disturbing Video Shows Rioters Circle Police Car, Shatter Windows With Projectiles


Disarming of National Guard emboldening mob?


Beware the Hijacking of U.S. Protests Into a ‘Color Revolution’


Soros Operative Confirms in New York Times Op/Ed That Black Lives Matter Does, In Fact, Want to Abolish the Police


Far Left Lawyer who Torched NYPD Vehicle During Riots Was Intern for Soros-funded anti-Israel Group


Entire police SWAT team in Florida resigns after chief takes knee with protesters by John Solomon


OAN’s Jack Posobiec spends three days in The CHAZ, exposes ongoing lies


Autonomous Zone Coming To A Downtown Near You?


China Blames Imported Salmon For Biggest COVID-19 Cluster Since February, Major Indian City Revives Lockdown: Live Updates


Scientists now claim coronavirus is affected by weather and climate


South Carolina Reports 4th Straight Record Jump As COVID-19 Cases Surge Across The South: Live Updates


Big Brother flexes: Demands ‘near-real time’ personal info on every patient


Most coronavirus patients develop “neutralizing antibodies” after recovery, but are they enough to head off another infection?


Chinese Scientist, Escorted Out Of Canadian Biolab, Sent Deadly Viruses To Wuhan


Is the Pandemic Over and a V-Shaped Recovery Baked In?


Dallas Fed Chair Sparks Market Crash After Fear-Mongering on Second Wave of COVID-19 and Mask-Wearing (VIDEO)


What I Learned From Training To Become A Contact Tracer

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