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News Stories And Articles June 5th 2019



At Least Four Dead in Darwin, Australia, Mass Shooting


Clinton-Appointed Judge Reverses Course, Covers For Deep State – Will Keep Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts Hidden From Public


FBI Failed to Document Four Clinton Witness Interviews


Pompeo, Who Once Said The CIA “Lies, Cheats And Steals” Defends US Intel On Huawei Spying


Report: Mexico Getting Illegals Bus Tickets to ‘Different Places Along The Border’ to ‘Spread Them Out’


Quake swarm unleashes 400 tiny temblors on Southern California. What does it mean?


Poll: Over 75% of College Students Support Abortion in Most or All Cases


After massacre, Virginia governor demands action on guns


Solomon: Time To Hold Hillary Accountable


Trump says there is ‘always a chance’ of war with Iran


UN human rights official: ‘It’s clear’ US pro-life laws are ‘torture’


School stops enforcing Obama’s trans bathroom policy after parents pulled kids out


The Deep State and The Deep Media


Hillary may have masterminded the ‘Spygate’ scandal but the great enabler, OBAMA, let it all happen


Commerce City Becomes Second Amendment Sanctuary City


As Democrat-Run Big Cities Descend Into Cesspools Of Filth & Disease And Exploding Violence, Deadly Outbreaks Of Medieval Diseases There Could Spread Across America


Border Agency Buying 2.2 Million Diapers to Help Migrants


School district faces grilling for teacher’s trans-activism


5G Opposition Increases in the Pacific Northwest. Telecom Industry Has Still Provided NO Evidence that 5G is Safe.


Dems Propose Censuring Trump as Division over Impeachment Grows


Iraqi Christian survives being burned alive by ISIS 3 times: ‘[Jesus] spoke to me’


‘Coward Of Broward’ Arrested: Former Sheriff’s Deputy Who Ran From Mass Shooting Faces 11 Counts


DESPERATION: Congressional Dems Will Hold AG Barr in Contempt as He Investigates the Investigators


Report from Norway: Knife Wielding Maniac Screaming “Allah Akhbar” Stabs One Person in Norway Attack (VIDEO)


Dutch teen granted assisted suicide wish due to PTSD from repeated sexual abuse


Dozens strip down outside Facebook office to protest nudity rules on social network
The human body is only acceptable in certain forms, and anti-censorship activists aren’t OK with that.


China Issues Guidelines For Ranking 1.3 Billion Social Credit Scores


Why your “smart home” might be an incredibly STUPID idea By Mike Adams




Ten Plagues of California Are Turning The Golden State into a Third-World Hell Hole


Ohio library cancels LGBT teen event after state GOP leader speaks out


Surviving Tiananmen: The Price Of Dissent In China


John McAfee To Roll Out ‘Freedom Coin’ Cryptocurrency This Fall


When Will The Collective Voices Of The World’s Populations Regarding Mandatory Vaccination Mandates Be Heard & Not Violated Daily?


America- Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest By Donald Jeffries


For Tech Giants, a Cautionary Tale From 19th Century Railroads on the Limits of Competition


Ft. Worth School Board Unanimously Votes to Fire Teacher for Tweeting About Illegal Aliens and Drugs on School Campus to President Trump


Message to President Trump: Listen to Your Son, Hands Off Firearm Suppressors


Fox News Channel’s Brazile: Russia Was a ‘Major Factor’ in Hillary Clinton Losing to Donald Trump


San Francisco May Lock Up Mentally Ill Homeless People


Since Those Who Committed Treason Or Sedition Against America Want Julian Assange Dead, There’s Never Been A More Important Time Than Now To Stand Up For Truth And Justice


‘I told them why too’: Prominent priest joins boycott of pro-abortion Netflix


Google’s Gmail scans, parses, analyzes and catalogs your email


US Braces For Chinese Retaliation: Scrambles To Find Alternative Rare-Earth Suppliers


Dodgeball is ‘an Unethical Tool of Oppression’, Say Academics


EV Owners In Illinois Must Pay $248 A Year To Make Up For Lost Gas Tax Revenue


Report: Educators Allegedly Ordered To Favor Black Students over Whites for ‘Racial Equity’


Can Google Be Broken Up Using Antitrust Laws?


Newly Released Amazon Patent Shows Just How Much Creepier Alexa Can Get


Trump Threatens New National Emergency To Enact Mexico Tariffs


Facebook’s new public policy manager for Ukraine is a nationalist hawk who volunteered with fascist party during US-backed coup


Watchdog says FBI has access to about 640M photographs


Viva La Revolucion: CIA vet says ALL of 2020 Dem ideas are from failed Communist playbook


Colleges Committed to Ideological Diversity


Paul Manafort Headed To Rikers Island, Where He Faces Solitary Confinement


Dirty Cop Robert Mueller Selectively Edited Trump Lawyer Voice Mail


Obama’s CDC Chief Pleads Guilty To Lessen ‘Sexual Abuse’ Charge


Conservative Journalist Lauren Southern Announces Plans to Pursue a ‘Less Public Life’


San Diego immigration court ‘overwhelmed’ by Remain In Mexico cases


‘TOTAL LOCKDOWN’ New James Bond film rocked by three huge explosions injuring crew and destroying the set


Australian government pays Al Gore $320k to conduct climate training as rare snowfall hits


The sun has ‘reached solar minimum’ and its surface is ominously calm

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