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News Stories And Articles May 20th 2019



Nunes Likely Sending ‘Obstruction’ Criminal Referral Over Steele Meeting with State Department Official Kathleen Kavalec (VIDEO)


Iran Slams Trump’s “Genocidal Taunts” As “Team B” Concocted Threats


Trump planning to invoke “Insurrection Act” so he can harness its “tremendous powers” to deport illegals: Will this spark widespread rebellion?


Hawley to Propose ‘Do Not Call’ List for Internet Tracking


Bill would give users ability to block data collection with one click


Trump hits Fox News for ‘wasting airtime’ with coverage of Buttigieg


Breaking: Evidence Shows Obama’s Top “FBI Executives” Knew Steele Dossier Was a Fraud Before They Signed Multiple FISA Apps to Spy on President Trump


Google, Intel & Others Cut Ties With Huawei As Trade War Heats Up


Iran promises ‘crushing response’ after Trump’s tweet threat


HUGE! British Spy Chiefs Were Briefed on Junk Steele Dossier BEFORE Trump Knew of Its Existence — UK WAS IN ON IT!


Watch: Kirsten Gillibrand Pledges to Release All Illegal Aliens Claiming Asylum into U.S. Communities


Beijing Demands Giant Pandas Loaned To San Diego Zoo Be Returned Immediately


RINO Alert: GOP Rep. Amash empowers Democrats by ‘concluding’ that POTUS Trump committed ‘impeachable offenses’


5G Danger: Hundreds Of Respected Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwide By Michael Snyder


AUDIT: George P. Bush, ‘Alamo Trust’ CEO Are Fleecing Texas Taxpayers


USAF Paints F-16 Jet With Russian Color Scheme For ‘Training Purposes’


US would need ‘one million soldiers’ to invade Iran, warns Brit admiral


“WRONG!” – Trump Slams NYT Over Latest Deutsche Bank Story


Is the U.S. Planning for the Right War?


Trump Impeachment Comments Land Rep. Justin Amash a ‘MAGA’ Primary Challenger


Netizen Report: Amid WhatsApp Attacks, Advocates Launch Legal Challenge Against Israeli Malware Maker


Illegal Alien Convicted of Raping Dog to Death Released by Sanctuary State


Reports: Iran quadruples production of low-enriched uranium


YouTube now moving to censor firearms-related content because that’s what authoritarian Leftists do — but there is an alternative at


Democrats: America’s Original Hate Group


Prescription drugs in America are completely USELESS for long-term health “fixes”


U.S. Military: No Casualties in Explosion Near Embassy in IraqSources speculate Iran’s Hezbollah assets in Iraq could be responsible


European Commission Unwittingly Echoes ‘1984’ Slogan In Controversial Tweet


GATEWAY PUNDIT EXCLUSIVE: UK’s Spy Confession is a Lie and We Caught Them – Kavalec Notes Prove UK Was Spying on Trump Earlier Than Reported


Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings


China State Run Media Broadcasts Anti-American Movies To Millions Amid Deepening Trade War


Nolte: Buttigieg’s Radical Take on Jefferson Proves John F. Kennedy Would Be Republican Today


Muslim Defence League Throw BRICKS at Tommy Robinson and Supporters at Campaign Stop, Livestream the Attack (VIDEO)


The Morning Briefing: Justin Amash Gone Wild


Turkey: Many Celebrate the Burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame


President Trump Takes Aim at the Military Industrial Complex: ‘They Never Want to Leave, They Always Want to Fight’


Surprise! Debt collectors don’t love the FCC’s plan to kill robocalls


Visualizing The Countries In Range Of Iranian Ballistic Missiles


5G, AI, IOT, EMF: Without Nature Intelligence, The Information Age is a Dark Age


Is It Time to Break Up Facebook?


Chinese Foreign Minister Warns Pompeo: ‘Don’t Go Too Far’


Lightfoot sworn in: ‘We will continue to build this great city’First African American female and first gay mayor of Chicago takes the oath of office at Wintrust Arena.


Illegals Are Flown to California to Relieve Crowding in Texas — Cost: $6,000 Per Flight


The Origins of the Deep State in North America. PART III.


German Television Station Asks, “Does Islam Belong in Germany?” …Are Stunned by the Results (Video)


Will 5G Undermine Weather Prediction?


NY Medical Society Rejects Assisted Suicide


WATCH: ‘France Does Not Belong to the French!’ – Hundreds of Illegal Migrants Occupy French Airport


Friend, foe or unknown force flying overhead? Congress should find out


Julian Assange Is Today’s Martin Luther King


Giuliani: I’d Like to Put Schiff ‘Under Oath’


16-Year-Old Conservative CJ Pearson DESTROYS Rapper Offset Over His ‘Slavory’ Tweet (VIDEO)


Signs US Intelligence Agencies ‘Flipped’ Under Barack Obama And America Really DID Dodge A Full-Scale Communist Coup: This Is What America Might Look Like Now Had Hillary Clinton Won


Justin Amash’s Business Interests in China Underscore His Push to Impeach Trump
It may be more than constitutionalism driving Amash’s dogged opposition to President Trump.


Rocket Fired Toward US Embassy In Central Baghdad, Blast Reported


US-Iran Showdown Is One False-Flag Attack Away From Global Calamity


Is Mother Jones part of the deep state swamp? Top reporter David Corn linked to fake Trump dossier mud-slinging from “anonymous” sources


Rapid DNA-Testing Reveals Third Of Migrants Lying About Family Relationship To Children


The OPCW, Douma & The Skripals


Judge seals entire case involving two anti-Trump school shooters while Covington Catholic kids were savaged in public by the media and Democrats


More Footage Discovered From Bernie Sanders’ 1988 ‘Honeymoon’ In The USSR


Exclusive — Alveda King: New Abortion Laws Are ‘not to Punish Women, but to Give the Baby Civil Rights’


The Regulatory-Industrial Complex By Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.


Obama’s Top FBI Lawyer Distances Himself From Steele Dossier As DOJ Investigation Looms


President Trump Slams “Loser” GOP Rep. Justin Amash Over His Call For Impeachment


Five years in prison for offending someone online…


No, the Fascists and the Nazis Were Not Right-Wingers


Angry Erdogan Defies Trump: May Accelerate S-400 Delivery, Slams Western Meddling In Turkish Economy


Orban: ‘We Want Change, We Want a Europe that Protects Its Borders on Land and Sea’


Not Just a Trade War, But a Shooting War With China


5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event film reveals how 5G is an assault weapon meant to destroy humanity


VIDEO: US War Hero Sgt. Derrick Miller Released From Leavenworth Prison — Wonderful News!


Facebook Research is developing touchy-feely curious robots


The ‘Deplorables’ Have Not Gone Away




Trump Admin Backs Off Plan To Dump Illegals In Florida – What About San Diego?


Iraqi Parliament Poised to Evict US Troops


Second Bomb Attack In Months Targets Tourists Near Egypt’s Pyramids


BOOM! Eric Holder Body Slammed by Former Deputy Ind. Counsel Sol Wisenberg Over Attack on AG Barr


WHO’s 2050 Prediction: 10 Million People Could Die from Mutated Superbugs And We’ll Have No Drugs to Fight Them By Dagny Taggart


President Trump Threatens “Official End of Iran”if the Ayatollahs Want a Fight


US Alerts Airliners To “Misidentification” Risk If They Fly Over Persian Gulf


The Places in America with the Most Cases of Human Trafficking


Trump Slams “Loser Lightweight” Amash Who Called For Impeachment


Brexit Party On Pace to Overtake Tories by Election Day


The College Board: Dumbing Down America


Russia Announces Delivery Of More Supplies To Venezuela’s Military


Single-Payer Healthcare Is the Worst Kind of Universal Healthcare


On America’s Hostile Coexistence with China


Disturbing number of students say hate speech is not free speech, report says


Visualizing The 150 Apps That Power The Gig Economy


Health Ranger offers to share details with Bayer’s internal investigations team about death threats from Monsanto black ops hit men


“Overwhelming Military Response Needed”: Graham Urges Trump “Stand Firm” On Iran


Have Consumers Already Lost the Online Privacy War?




America’s Top Cities Swamped In Debt, Chicago Leads The Way


Delaware County Church Vandalized With Abortion Rights Graffiti


Why An Economic War With The US Blows China Up


High-tech Estonia votes online for European Parliament


Exxon Evacuates All Foreign Staff From Iraqi Oilfield On Security Concerns


Swedish Prosecutors Request Detention Order Against Assange


Israel Attacks Syria Two Consecutive Nights While Hosting Eurovision Finals


DNA test uncovers D-Day love story 75 years later


Candace Owens On Facebook “Hate Agents” Database; Gets ‘Mistakenly’ Banned For ‘Racist Facts’


Hikind: Hasidic Teens Harassed With Calls Of ‘Allah Akbar’ And ‘We Love Hitler’


Austrian Government On Verge Of Collapse After Vice Chancellor Resigns Over Bribery Scandal


Figures. Facebook Allowed Anti-Semitic Al-Jazeera Video That Claimed the Holocaust was a Hoax


Donald Trump — A Triumphant President: A Psychoanalyst’s Observations and Opinions


Not Just Florida: Border Patrol To Fly Thousands Of Illegal Migrants To San Diego


Israeli Researchers: Turkey’s Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians Destroyed by ‘30-year Genocide’


Top Iran Commander Invokes 9/11 To Say US Is “Frail”; A “Full Intelligence War” Is On


Mitt Romney Congratulates Justin Amash for Endorsing Trump’s Impeachment
Romney referred to Amash as “courageous.”


US Accidentally Kills 17 Afghan Police After ‘Miscommunication’ During Airstrike


Lightweight Mayor Pete Says Situation in Iran was “Engineered” by Trump Administration (VIDEO)


Facebook Admits Israeli Social Manipulation Company Spent $800,000 To Influence African Elections


Crack Pipe, IDs, And Badge Found In Hunter Biden Rental Car


Survey Finds Support for First Amendment Declining Among College Students


Not The Onion: Pentagon Wanted US Taxpayers To Reimburse Taliban


Scottish Tory Councillor’s Home and Car Firebombed, He Believes it Was Politically Motivated


Iran Used Underwater Drones In Tanker Attacks, Insurer Claims


Exclusive look inside NSA Hawaii, the “front lines” of intelligence gathering


Fox Co-Host Degan McDowell Unloads on Leftie Juan Williams: “The Press That Lied To Us For Three Years?” (VIDEO)


Ohio School Near Old Uranium Plant Closed After Radioactive Contamination Found


Breaking: Google Suspends Partial Business with China’s Huawei after Trump Blacklist

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