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News Stories And Articles May 28th 2019



“It Looks Like A War Zone” – Millions Without Power As Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio & Indiana


More than FIVE MILLION are left without power across Ohio after ‘rapid-fire’ tornadoes ripped roofs from homes, with 51 twisters touching down across eight states overnight


Joe diGenova: John Huber Investigation of Clinton Foundation is a Farce – Never Even Started


Huawei Accuses FedEx Of “Diverting” Its Packages, Doing Trump’s “Dirty Work”


White Peoples and Their Achievements Are Headed for the Trasn Bin of History By Paul Craig Roberts


Tide of Public Opinion is Turning in Assange’s Favor




Navy Pilots Describe Stunning UFO Sightings; Hypersonic Speeds, No Exhaust Plume


Dianne Feinstein dined with Iranian foreign minister as US feud with Tehran escalated


Turkey Invades Northern Iraq In Operation Against Kurdish Militants


Colluders, Obstructionists, Leakers, and Other Projectionists By Victor Davis Hanson


Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals A Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs


MIT Rocket Scientist Weighs In On Leaked Syria Chemical Investigation Memo


States sue to block 1st Amendment rights as unconstitutional


All In The Family: Elijah Cummings And Big Pharma
Elijah Cummings’ wife’s cozy ties to Big Pharma fit classic Swamp profile.


Liz Cheney: Federal agents involved in “Spygate” hoax may have committed acts of “treason”


What Those Who Seek Socialism Really Need Is A Church And Family


Report: Australian Navy Pilots Hit by Lasers in South China Sea


California Is Shaken By More Than 80 Earthquakes As Chile Is Hit By The Largest Quake In 12 Years By Michael Snyder


The Great Unraveling Has Arrived: Nightmare That Never Ends For Agriculture Industry Leading To Devastating Food Shortages


Midwest Crop Catastrophe — New USDA Crop Progress Report Indicates A Nightmare Scenario Is Upon Us By Michael Snyder


At least 5 million affected by power outages across Ohio after tornadoes, storms hit state


Nuclear Missile Alert Base Operators Caught Boozing In Second Major Breach


California judge’s nakedly political ruling against Pentagon border funding is a great opportunity for Trump By Daniel Horowitz


Rep. Rashida Tlaib says House ‘moving towards’ consensus for Trump impeachment


As Trump Slaps Tariffs On China, Africa Creates World’s Largest Free-Trade Zone


South Africa Rife with Politicians Lying about Their Qualifications


Trump Administration Wants to Exempt Some Light Bulbs From “Green” Standards Despite Protest. LED Bulbs Are Biologically and Environmentally Harmful Despite Energy Savings.




Genocide of Christians Reaches “Alarming Stage”


Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections


“It’s Too Much” – Trump Criticizes Cost Of Aircraft Carrier Design; Promises Overhaul


Confirmed: Secretive Bilderberg Meeting to be held in Switzerland from May 30th


Mark Cuban Suggests Changing Second Amendment in Three Ways


Merkel Unretires: Chancellor Determined To Remain In Power Until 2021 As Succession Plan Implodes


BREAKING: Package Bomb Explodes in Lyon, France – 8 People Injured


Exclusive — Memorial Day: Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Wife, Brother Fight the Swamp: ‘Domestic Terror Unleashed on Our Family’


The Worst 2020 Election Interference Will Be Perfectly Legal By Caitlin Johnstone


Chinese Robot Censorship Hits Overdrive As Tiananmen Anniversary Approaches


Trump Does Not Need Congress to Rebuild the Nation’s Infrastructure


Some Gave All – Let’s Call It Enough


Lindsey Graham Asks Trump To Invade Venezuela: “Do Exactly What Reagan Did” In Grenada


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: “We Build the Wall” Completes First Half Mile of US Border Wall in 4 Days from Private Donations


Crop Catastrophe In The Midwest – Latest USDA Crop Progress Report Indicates That A Nightmare Scenario Is Upon Us By Michael Snyder




Congressman wants to ban Bitcoin because it threatens the Federal Reserve


“The Most Destructive Breach In History”: Hackers Use NSA Code To Grind Baltimore To A Halt


China’s new cybersecurity rule indicates possible retaliation against US


US blames Iran for Gulf tanker bombings, Iraq rocket attack


Mike Pence to West Point Graduates: Expect Combat!


North Korea Calls John Bolton “Defective Human Product” , “Warmonger”


Security At Risk, Lives At Stake – And Dems Play Lawfare


War and Young Americans


Remembering the Men of the Little Ships


Matt Naylor on 140 Veteran Suicides per Week: Don’t Let Them Be ‘Forgotten Soldiers’


CALLS GROW TO PROSECUTE JOHN BRENNAN after Existence of Clandestine CIA Asset in Top Level of Russian Government is Leaked


Macron Suffers Huge Blow With Defeat To Le Pen


Begging For Help: NM Gov Changing Her Tune On Immigration


The MLK tapes: Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman, having 40 extramarital affairs – and they are under lock in a U.S. archive, claims author


The World: What Is Really Going On


Judge Suspended Without Pay For 6 Months After Making Anti-Trump Remarks in Court and on Facebook


Farm Crisis: Corn Planting Slowest On Record For This Time Of Year


Deep state desperation: A false flag is their last remaining option to save themselves from being exposed and destroyed By Mike Adams


Improving the Treatment of Veterans


Live Free Or Die State Passes Anti-Freedom Gun Control Bills


More than 1,000 Fires Devastate Israel in Under Two Days


President Xi Invites World To Join China In Building New Internet


Populist push, green wave, establishment in turmoil: a round-up of the EU elections


EXCLUSIVE: FBI Obtained Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank FISA Warrant After They Learned the Entire Story was a Lie


Trump Targets UK, Australia And Ukraine Over ‘Greatest Hoax In The History Of Our Country’


European elections: Italy STUNNED as Salvini wins majority and says a ‘NEW Europe is born’


Chinese State Reporters Caught “Snooping Around” NATO Base, Germany Investigates


Nope, Guccifer 2.0 Was Not a Russian Creation


Latest Gillette Ad Features Dad Teaching Transgender Son To Shave For The First Time


Rep. Omar Spent Much Of Memorial Day Weekend With Terrorist-Affiliated CAIR


Teachers Crown Transgender Prom King at Massachusetts High School


Facebook Bans CrossFit Group For Advocating Low-Carb, High-Fat Diets


America’s Best Defense Against Socialism


How Times Change: 2014 Mainstream Media Demands Obama Fire Brennan, Fix Intel Agencies


Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote


Merkel’s coalition in crisis talks after EU vote debacle


Could Nigel Farage become prime minister with the Brexit Party?


Pope Francis sounds racism alarm as EU nationalists win big


2020 VISION? Clintons appear in NY Memorial Day parade as Bill looks pale, frail


Cops using ‘Minority Report’ predictive policing could see INNOCENT citizens framed




‘American Soil’ Is Increasingly Foreign Owned


‘Gaming disorder’ deemed an official illness by World Health Organization


World Health Organization removes transgender from list of mental disorders


World’s rivers ‘awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics’


German paper prints cut-out kippa to fight anti-Semitism


Exclusive — Marine Le Pen: Emmanuel Macron Should ‘Definitely’ Resign, But He ‘Has Neither the Honesty to Do It, Nor the Panache’


FBI Informant Fed Media Lies to Smear Flynn, Defamation Lawsuit Alleges

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