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News Stories And Articles October 1st 2019




Five earthquakes in less than an hour rattle southeast Missouri, experts say


Remember The Hillary Clinton Email Saga? Guess What, It’s Not Over And A 3-Year Investigation Into It Is Just Concluding! And Oh, By The Way, The Bitter Old Bat May Run Again


Reports: China’s Nuclear Missile Can Reach U.S. in 30 Minutes


Congress Pursues Investigation Into Proliferation of Chinese Communist Propaganda on Capitol Hill


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi NECK DEEP in Ukraine – Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government is Her Legislative Aide


America Beware: Pelosi, Schiff may get the Civil War they are fighting for


Dems Want to Impeach a President for Trying to Expose a Crime, Then Elect the Person Who Actually Committed the Crime


British employees are deliberately sabotaging workplace robots over fears the machines will take their jobs, new study claims


Nancy Pelosi Forgoes House Precedent, Fast-Tracks Impeachment Inquiry


Hezbollah In The United States?
One of the world’s oldest extremist organizations may be turning its eye to America.


Sweden Makes It LEGAL for Jihadist
Migrants to Leave with the Intent of Committing Acts of Terrorism, Then Return


House Democrats Subpoena Giuliani Over ‘Scheme’ To Investigate Biden


RUSH LIMBAUGH: John Brennan Traveled to Ukraine With Fake Passport — To Research Trump


Think facial recognition is creepy? Soon your heartbeat or the way you walk could reveal your identity


Michigan, Minnesota Democrats Refuse To Endorse Tlaib and Omar (VIDEO)


Something Is Wrong: The Fed Is Offering $100 Billion A Day In Loans To Unnamed Banks


This veteran had no family to bury him. He won’t be laid to rest alone


‘Chilling:’ Former CIA Officer Tells Tucker Why Trump Should Ask Senate To Investigate The CIA


Somali Militants Raid American Military Base Near Mogadishu


Reports: Tucson area man accused of killing his son while trying to “exorcise a demon from him”


46 Illegal Immigrants from 10 Countries Arrested in Ohio, Michigan ICE Operation


IT’S HAPPENING: Attorney General Bill Barr Asks Foreign Intelligence Officials For Help with Spygate Probe


Credit Suisse ‘Spy’ Found Dead As ‘Espionage Scandal’ Stuns Swiss Banking Establishment


Stephanopoulos To Schiff: If What Trump Said Was So Bad, Why Make Up Dialogue?


There are so many homeless camps, LA area leaders want Newsom to issue a state of emergency


Daniel McAdams: “The US Has Ceased Being a Republic and Has Become a National Security State”


Why Does the U.S. Government Want to Keep Cannabis Illegal?


Enter the Thunderdome: 4,000 Mad Max fans and their weaponry-festooned vehicles gather in the California desert for Wasteland Weekend – the ‘world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival’


BREAKING: Australian Ambassador’s May 2019 Letter to AG Bill Barr DESTROYS, DEBUNKS Latest NY Times Smear Job on President Trump


In Potential Boon for Trump, Biden Campaign Demands Networks Blacklist Giuliani
Biden campaign calls interviews with president’s lawyer ‘a disservice to journalism’


I look forward to seeing Donald Trump impeached as soon as possible.


Senior Twitter Executive Exposed As British Psy-Ops Soldier


Trump Burns Google Before Supreme Court In Copyright Dispute


Former CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp: The Partisan CIA “Leaker” Is No “Whistleblower” and Is Connected to Obama (VIDEO)


“Shoot. Me. Now.”: New Insight Into Obama-Biden Relationship Offers Clues On Former President’s Refusal To Endorse


Researchers easily breached voting machines for the 2020 election
The ‘ethical hackers’ bought a bunch of the machines on eBay and broke into every one.


IG Horowitz Refused to Dig Into Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting – Failed to Interview Lynch, Clinton Protective Detail


Students hospitalized after receiving insulin during TB skin test


Iraqi PM For First Time Confirms Israel Responsible For Multiple Strikes On Iraq


UK: ‘Anti-racism’ conference banned white people from speaking


Jim Kunstler Warns “Civil War On!”

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