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News Stories And Articles September 19th 2019




Facebook incites violent war on ICE by Michelle Malkin


Despite Asylum, US Govt. Finds A Way To Target Snowden


Barr-authored gun control draft lands in Congress


Can Nuclear War Be Avoided? by Paul Craig Roberts


Duterte Admits To Assassination Attempt On ‘Son Of A Bitch’ Politician; Spokesman Says He Misspoke


By Its Own Definition Antifa is Fascist


Jim Jordan Says Comey, Mueller, And Lewandowski Have Something In Common


This conservative professor just rolled out a new class that will blow liberals’ minds


Under Obama, the Russians Breached FBI Communications


Trump Taps Robert O’Brien for National Security Adviser


Our Real War Is With The Media, Not The Pathetic Democrats


Small Businesses Left Scrambling After $35 Million Disappears In Massive Payrolls Fraud


In ‘red flag’ gun bill, House Dems want to flag high-risk individuals; just not police-identified gang members


WHISTLEBLOWER: Facebook Auto-Generates Pages for ISIS And Al-Qaeda by Laura Loomer


White House, DOJ Gun Control Proposal Includes Universal Background Checks


Gun Control: Wrong Solution to the Wrong Problem


AI can’t protect us from deepfakes, argues new report


Teacher Gets Brutal News After Telling Students Pence Should Be Shot


Israel’s Netanyahu Fails to Win Majority in Close Election


Aramco Attacks An “Act Of War” By Iran: Pompeo After Arriving In Jeddah


Don’t Smile for the Camera


You Want The Truth? Some Still Can’t Handle The Truth.


Report: White Helmets Murder Women and Children for Facebook Videos


Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit Forces Facebook to Admit it is a Publisher


New York City Schools Want To Ban Chocolate Milk


Alleged ISIS Sympathizer Nabbed By FBI In Alabama After Saying He Would Kill A U.S. Soldier


Secret Service Wants Jet Skis For Mar-a-Lago & Hamptons As Trump Family “Very Active In Water”


The Stage Is Being Set For Total Anarchy & The Biggest Meltdown Yet As NY Times ‘Kavanaugh Bombshell Fake News Dud’ Hints Democrat’s Worst Nightmares May Be About To Come True


Facebook Gets Its Own ‘Supreme Court’: But Will It be Independent from Zuckerberg?


After 25 years, the crime wave is back – but Republicans refuse to talk about it by Daniel Horowitz


San Francisco museum airs film calling for white genocide: “Why Don’t We Murder More White People” celebrated by left-wing lunatics


Dems want to ‘buy back’ Americans’ guns? What would that cost, and who would pay for it?


Trump Revokes California’s Ability To Set Fuel Emissions Standards


Contesting the Progressives’ Takeover of Vermont


SECOND Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies in Midst of Assault Lawsuit Against Actor


World faces increasing risk of pandemics that could kill millions, panel says


Trump Balks At California Governor’s Request For Homeless Aid


Edward Snowden Responds After Trump DOJ Sues Whistleblower Over New Memoir the US Government “Does Not Want You to Read”


Grisly Facts Unmask And Weaken Big Abortion by Celia Farber


2,246 Fetal Remains Found At Abortionist’s Home Should Be The Catalyst To End Abortion


DOJ Inspector General Horowitz Confirms He’s in Communication with US Attorney John Durham (VIDEO)


Marco Rubio Threatens Sanctions On Tiny Solomon Islands After It Cut Ties With Taiwan


DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz Reveals He Referred James Comey For Criminal Prosecution


Hluleka Reserve murder: Survivor recalls moment two men attacked him, killed pregnant wife – family


Regulators Expand Already Massive Precious Metals Manipulation Probe To Other Markets


Editorial in Official Iranian Fars News Tacitly Admits Goal of Saudi Attack was to Bring Down Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidency


The Orwellian Universe of Linda Sarsour


A woman who says she tried swimming away from Epstein’s Little St. James island says she ‘never saw him do a day’s work’


1987 Bernie Admits Medicare-For-All “Will Bankrupt The Nation”


American Airlines Mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani Charged with Sabotaging Plane Has Possible Terror Ties, Prosecutors Say


AI warning: Machines will replace humans at the top – and wipe us out if we dare resist


The 1917 Project: ‘Founded On Slavery’ Looks Like Communist Russia


Russia Detains Over 160 N.Korean Sailors After Attack On Border Patrol Boat


Acting DNI Refuses to Comply with Adam Schiff’s Subpoena, Prompting Standoff with Congress


Facebook still auto-generating Islamic State, al-Qaida pages


Amazon’s Answer to Gun Violence: Ban Ads for Books About Ending Gun Violence


How Feminist Social Justice Warriors are Killing Men


Illegal Levels of Radiation Emitted by Popular Cellphones by Joseph Mercola


New York Becomes 2nd State To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes As ‘Vaping Illness’ Claims 7th Life


Pennsylvania state Sen. Michael Folmer arrested for child porn, resigns, officials say


MSNBC’s Joy Reid Trashes White Christians As Wanting To Create Apartheid In U.S.


Smart TVs Caught Sending Sensitive User Data To Facebook And Netflix


REPORT: Trump’s Communications with Foreign Leader Are Part of Whistleblower Complaint That Prompted Standoff Between Acting DNI and Congress


Conservative Heavy Hitters Launch Nonprofit Taking Aim At Big Tech


Shocking Yearbook Photo Shows Justin Trudeau Wearing ‘Brownface’


VIDEO: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Apologizes Profusely to Press After He is Caught in Brownface Pics


Area 51 has ‘secrets that deserve to be protected’, warns US Air Force general


How Oregon Built A Transgender Medical-Industrial Complex On Junk Science


The Burgeoning Threat of Foreign Interference


Student stabbed to death in the US, bystanders filmed instead of helping


CIA 1976 – Global Cooling Will Become The Central Issue Of Every Government


MUST WATCH: Corey Lewandowski CLAPS BACK At CNN Host After She Snidely Questions His Integrity


Analysis: Young White Liberals Helping to Turn Red State Cities Deep Blue

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