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News Stories And Articles September 2nd 2019




Category 5 Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas with historic strike


GOES-East – Sector view: Caribbean – GeoColor


Dorian, Still Heading West, Batters Northwest Bahamas With 185 MPH Winds


Washington Police Chief Who Refused to Enforce Gun Control Running for Governor


Odessa Police Say Only 1 Gunman Was Responsible For Shooting That Killed 7


President Trump: Stronger Background Checks Would Not Stop Attacks


Corrupt US Attorney Jesse Liu Was Involved in Mueller Cases Where Evidence Withheld from Defendants -Now She’s Involved in Decision on Whether to Indict Crooked Andrew McCabe!


A New High School Will Be Designed With Curved Hallways To Stop Mass Shooters


Ever Wonder Why America Celebrates Labor Day? Here Are Its Origins


Yes, Comey did leak classified information by Byron York


Coming Legal Attractions


GOP strategist says Washington Post WH bureau chief Rucker ‘burned’ Trump’s now-ousted personal assistant


“White Guilt” and Christianity


Dozens of ANTIFA Terrorists Arrested for Violence During ‘Straight Pride Parade’


Flynn Accuses Prosecutors of Hiding Exculpatory Evidence, Demands They Be Removed


US v Flynn – Brief in Support of Motion to Compel Brady Material and Order to Show Cause


US Slaps New Tariffs On China; One Minute Later China Retaliates


US-China Trade War and Its Effect on Cryptocurrencies



Freaks, Hippies, Weirdos, Twerps, Misfits & Not Much Diversity: ANTIFA Unmasked is No Pretty Sight!


Comey’s Trump Tower Meeting Was Used For FBI’s Counterintelligence Investigation


Wozniak: Time To Split Up Apple, Other Tech Monopolies


Things Are Worse Than We Imagined in China




Communist Deep State Kingpin Makes Veiled Twitter Threat Towards President Trump As Radical Leftists Push For Disarmament & A UN Takeover Of Our Southern Border


Rethinking the Goals of Public Education


“Burn With Us” – Protesters Clash With Riot Police At Hong Kong Airport Amid Surge Of Violence


“Scariest Thing You’ll Read All Day”: Report Sounds Alarm Over Brain-Reading Technology and Neurocapitalism
“Your brain, the final privacy frontier, may not be private much longer.”


Feel manipulated by cable TV and social media? You are. Deal with it


GOP Judiciary member predicts Horowitz FISA report will lead to indictments


Hezbollah’s Response Begins: Israeli Soldiers “Killed And Wounded” In Missile Attack


Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘There’s A Plot To Remake America’


RED FLAG INSANITY: Pro-Trump Former Marine Has Guns Confiscated to Protect ANTIFA Terrorists
Red flag laws mean patriots will be disarmed.


When Obama Tried to ‘Red Flag’ Vets and Seniors


Trump Admin Considers Using Far Left Tech Giants to Rate Americans and Help Determine Who Gets to Own a Gun by Jim Hoft




Diamond and Silk message to Rev. William Barber about Jesus being a Socialist.


Government continues persecuting doctors & pain patients to protect drug traffickers & illegal immigration by Daniel Horowitz


Grooming ‘Rape’ Gangs: The Scourge of the UK


Beto says “we need to buy back every single assault weapon”


GoFundMe Campaign Launched for Hero Cop Shot Multiple Times in Odessa-Midland Rampage


One killed and nine others injured in France knife attack


Saudi-led coalition strike on prison in Yemen kills at least 100 people – Red Cross


Major U.S. city bans Christian agencies from helping kids


Canadian Hospital Outlines Assisted Suicide Plan For Children, Denies Need For Parental Consent


The Humanitarian Hoax of the New World Order:


DOUGLAS MURRAY: How did the world lose its marbles? A new dogma has turned beliefs that once seemed common sense into hate crimes. If you say the ‘wrong thing’, you’ll be thrown to the wolves…


Alabama church posts sign saying ‘A black vote for Trump is mental illness’


Former FBI Assistant Director: Comey Has Bigger Problems on the Horizon


WOMAN PULLS RACE CARD After She’s Caught Impersonating A Cop To Get Free Snacks [VIDEO]


Shhhh! Media Downplay MIT Study Finding ‘No Gay Gene’


The Jacobin Terror 1789-1794: Just Another Color Revolution?


Trump Derangement Syndrome is so bad, Leftists are wishing for other people to die


Teen Vogue Publishes New Graphic Sex Guide, Accused of ‘Exploiting’ Tweens and Young Teens


Massive Child Sacrifice site found in Peru


Christian authors blast Amazon for banning their books, selling pedophilia titles


Top Jesuit Priest Claims Satan is Not Real


Venezuelan Government Tells Refugees to Avoid Democrat Controlled Cities in the USA


The Real “Rooting-for-Direct-Hit-On-Mar-a-Lago” Kim Campbell

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