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Next Up In Female Employees Exploited By Profit-Driven Abortion Payouts: Lawyers


In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs that will send abortion policy decisions back to the states, many big corporations with offices in abortion-restricting states immediately promised to pay all expenses incurred by employees who travel to different states to receive abortions.

This may seem like the typical woke virtue-signaling by Big Business, but something much more sinister underlies this move. This is, in reality, a coldly calculated effort to bolster productivity and profits. Paying for abortions is much cheaper than paying for pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity leave. Abortion is good for the bottom line.

And woke virtue-signaling on abortion is used to deflect attention away from the brutal practices of Big Business, such as the use of slave labor and cooperation with repression in despotic countries in which they operate…

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