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No Motherhood, No People By Paul Craig Roberts

It is paradoxical that feminism together with other ideological movements has destroyed the natural feminism of women and turned them into sexual items. The 19-year old who intends to get her tubes tied is turning herself into a pure sexual commodity. That women are transitioning themselves into sex dolls is a paradoxical result after decades of feminist propaganda that reduced the sexual relationship between men and women from a loving relationship to “men’s use of women’s bodies.” The feminists have now achieved what they decried.

Feminism has not liberated women.  It has liberated women from woman’s role.  The kind of stable committed relationships that men and women formerly had are difficult to find today except in the oldest generation.

As The Saker recently wrote, we are experiencing “the gradual irrelevance of an entire civilization,” one that has been emptied of its history, foundational purpose, integrity, spirituality, and moral conscience.  It is doubtful after decades of anti-male propaganda that the relationship between men and women can be restored.  Thus has the family been undermined.  White ethnicities are disappearing from earth as the birth rate is less than the death rate, and 19-year old women are having their tubes tied.

Western civilizations have committed many evil deeds, most often by governments concealing their agendas from the people.  But evil deeds can be found among all races and ethnicities.  It is difficult to imagine any worst evil than what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians, or the Rwanda Genocide when the Hutu slaughtered 1,000,000 Tutsi. But the only evil in the limelight is evil committed by white people.

We hear endlessly that the history of America is white enslavement of blacks.  History has been fabricated in behalf of an agenda of disunity.  Black slavery originated in the .

When Dahomey accumulated more slaves than it could support, Dahomey sold them to Arabs and later to the European colonists of the New World.  Instead of the historical facts, students are propagandized in ways designed to hurt white confidence and to teach blacks to hate whites.

Western civilization has been destroyed by a tiny handful of people.  In Sweden the National Agency for Education intends to remove all Western history up to the year 1700 in order to make room for gender roles and immigration in order to flush any awareness of the Swedish people’s history out of memory. As George Orwell correctly stated: “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”


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