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North Carolina state employees force woke training

By Libs of TikTok


We are all familiar with the online human resource training courses required by employers – workplace rights and responsibilities, workplace harassment prevention, etc. However, North Carolina’s Office of State Human Resources Center is force-feeding progressive ideology on its employees.

An employee that spoke with Libs of TikTok on the condition of anonymity told us, “We have to do these little training sessions every month online. A lot of them are just kind of like don’t be a bad person you, know kind of avoid certain things, and then the majority of them are simply you are racist or bigoted. It is a constant implication that, no matter what you do, you have these biases somewhere deep down inside of you that you have to root out.”

The same state employee sent us images of the required courses and at least 15 were directly related to realizing your unconscious bias, aka if you’re white, you’re bad.



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