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North Texas teen’s lung failure linked to vaping

– A North Texas teenager nearly died of lung failure and doctors are blaming his problem on vaping.

Just this week, health officials released a national alert about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. Dallas County Health Director Dr. Philip Huang said he knows of at least two cases of a serious lung illness related to vaping.

That’s why Tryson Zohfeld asked doctors to help share his story. He said he’ll never touch an e-cigarette again and wants to warn others about the dangers.

The 17-year-old spent 18 days at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. Most of that time he was in the intensive care unit with a tube down his windpipe to help him breathe.

Zohfeld initially went to doctors with chest pain and shortness of breath. But the x-rays showed his condition was much worse.

Doctors believe vaping caused his lungs to fail. Zohfeld lost 30 pounds and had to re-learn how to walk after being bed-ridden for nearly three weeks this summer.

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