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NPR Leftists Finally Discover Gun Owners They Love — Call Them “Gun Curious”


One thing you can say about leftists is, they sure are adaptable. They turned from “equality” to “equity” (officially sanctioned discrimination) and from freedom of speech to “hate speech” standards on a dime. They were anti-war in the ’60s and ’70s but by the 2000s had embraced Barack Obama, who once reportedly said he was “really good at killing people.” Then there was the NYC liberal who, reacting to an integration plan for his kid’s school, explained, “It’s more complicated when it’s about your own children.” And, now, lo and behold, notoriously anti-gun leftists have even embraced firearm ownership.

That is, for the “right” people.

In this case, this would be the “LGBTQ” crew, some of whom are now buying guns because the mainstream media have frightened them into believing they’re targeted by traditionalists. And don’t expect any typical left-winger jokes about capon-like males buying rods to compensate for feelings of masculine inadequacy. Why, liberal National Public Radio (NPR), in fact, calls these new sexual devolutionary firearm owners the “gun curious.”




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