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NYC Mayor’s Brother Was Asst. Parking Director On College Campus Before He Was Given NYPD Deputy Commissioner Job…To Help Deal with “White supremacy”

by Patty McMurray

Is NYC getting precisely what they asked for?

Voters in NYC weren’t forced to elect a Socialist candidate to replace their term-limited Communist mayor. While most rational individuals would question their sanity, NYC residents, who are clearly some of the least free people in America, stood with vaccine cards in their wallets and face masks firmly in place as they willingly checked the box with Eric Adams’s name on their ballots in November. Supporters of NYC Mayor Eric Adams knew they were electing another authoritarian to become the CEO of their crime-ridden city, but did they know he would use their taxpayer dollars to give his assistant parking lot manager brother a $210K/yr job to protect him in the fight against “white supremacy?” His brother, 56-year-old Bernard Adams, is also a retired NYPD sergeant. Is Eric Adams’ brother, who’s been working as parking assistant manager, qualified to fight “white supremacy” in NYC?…

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