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NYC’s Migrant Camps Keep Getting Flooded


Remember when it was fashionable for blue city elites to rant at border states for trying to cope with a mass invasion of illegal migrants? New York and D.C. panicked over fairly small numbers of migrants being sent in (mostly by Biden, despite Adams’ claims otherwise) and can’t seem to figure out where to house them. Or how to house them. Or how to cope with an inch of rain.

When Mayor Eric Adams was questioned about the wisdom of erecting a tent city for 1,000 migrants in a beach parking lot in the Bronx that is prone to flooding, he insisted it was the right choice.

“We looked at 50 locations and found the best location,” Mr. Adams said last Tuesday. Besides, he noted, “people live in flood zones.”

Then it rained a modest amount over the weekend — less than an inch — and the complex flooded, and the mayor decided on Monday that the Orchard Beach parking lot was not the best location after all…

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