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OBAMA vs TRUMP: New Poll Points to the Only Democrat That Could Beat Trump

 M Winger


So will it be Kamala Harris trying to duke it out with President Trump?

Or will it be Michelle Obama?

It seems there’s a poll that just came out that points to her being the only Democrat that could potentially beat Trump.

Is it a fake poll?

Was it released to create a fake hype in order to justify Michelle getting 6 hundred million extra votes in the 2024 election?

She does have more pull that Kamala so I wouldn’t be surprised.

My prediction is that will be the choice of the Democrat voters.

BUT at the DNC (Democratic National Committee) Convention, they will announce someone else, perhaps Gavin Newsom. And the fallout will be epic!

Daily Mail reports:

A top pollster says there’s only one Democrat who can beat Trump but not only have they never held office, they haven’t even campaigned for Joe Biden yet this election season.

While other former Democrats and liberal pundits have speculated on Biden’s ability to hold the presidency through 2028, should he win, two elected members of the party’s Congressional delegation have called on him to drop out Tuesday.

Maine Democratic Rep. Jared Golden, 41, is now saying that he expects Trump to win after Biden’s terrible debate performance while Lloyd Doggett of Texas, 77, he’s actually ‘OK’ if Donald Trump wins in November…


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