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Oh, She’s Got Us There! Anti-Gun Activist Andrea Junker Shares Junk History on Bullets

By Chad Felix Greene


Sometimes you look at big accounts on Twitter/X and just have to wonder. Andrea Junker, who describes herself as a ‘Strong and persistent voice against Trumpism,’ is also, apparently, a strong and persistent voice against history.

While the left is losing their minds over the Supreme Court telling Congress to pass its own laws, lots of activists have taken to Twitter/X to remind us that they have no idea what the 2nd Amendment is.

Alrighty then.

Case closed.

This isn’t the first time she’s been famously obnoxious on the topic, cited in another meltdown over a Supreme Court ruling on guns.

Ah, yes, the classic, ‘it’s only a right if you use it against the government,’ interpretation of the Constitution.

But back to today’s nonsense.

Somehow, generation of liberals after generation of liberals seem absolutely convinced the musket argument is the final word on this subject. Next to, ‘well regulated,’ this is the most common smug dismissal of the core Constitutional right. One that never seems to hold water in regard to any other Constitutional rights…


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