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Olympic Athlete: ‘My Testicles Don’t Make Me Less Of A Woman’

Are leftist fantasists even capable of embarrassment anymore? Does self-respect even exist for them as a concept? As the all-out effort to force us all to pretend that men are women and women are men continues, the absurdities keep multiplying, but if you dare to notice them, you’ll risk being excoriated as a bigot and barred from all the platforms that allow for today’s public discourse with the possible but not guaranteed exception of Twitter/X. The latest game we all have to play is to pretend that South African Olympic runner Caster Semenya is a woman, which he has the b–, uh, that is, which he absolutely insists upon, despite having many male attributes.

Speaking in a rich and thickly accented baritone voice, Semenya said Tuesday: “You know, the medical terms, or what they tell me, or my testosterone, you know, being born without a uterus, being born with internal testicles — those don’t make me less a woman. It’s just differences that I was born with, and I embrace them.”

Well, that’s super, Caster, but it’s also ridiculous, which I know is a concept that is lost among today’s gender fiction-addled leftists. Now, to be sure, Caster Semenya is no ordinary man, and although he is frequently identified as a “trans athlete,” he isn’t exactly that, either. Caster Semenya is apparently one of those rare human beings who is actually sexually ambiguous; he has a condition in which “genetic males contain normal male internal structures including testes, but exhibit ambiguous or female external genitalia at birth; at puberty, they undergo partial virilization which includes development of a male gender identity even if brought up as females.”

Semenya’s birth certificate says that he is female, but testing in 2019 found that he had “circulating testosterone at the level of the male 46 XY population and not at the level of the female 46 XX population.” That gives him “a significant sporting advantage over 46 XX female athletes.” He has won two Olympic gold medals, and it is clear that he has a significant advantage over those against whom he competes…


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